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About Us.

Our mission is to create and openly disseminate organizational tools that empower scientists. Furthermore, we aim to develop accessible systems that all researchers can adapt to their specific needs.  We acknowledge that these systems require a commitment for scientists to benefit from their features fully. So while our resources may not be for everyone, we encourage folks to give them a demo period to see if they fit your needs.

Out priority is to ensure that these materials stay accessible to all who may need them. If you would like to make a free will donation

to support us, you can by clicking the button below.


Image Credit: Nicollette Setiawan


Tina Termini

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Dr. Termini is a Seattle-based scientist who studies how blood cells are maintained and regenerated. Since establishing her lab in 2022, Dr. Termini

has created and shared organizational tools with the scientific community to support laboratory operations. In 2023, she founded Organizo to provide a central platform to freely and openly distribute resources to organize

laboratory purchasing, inventory, hiring, mentorship, and more.

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